Royal Spa is China’s leading hot tub manufacturer. The company sells hot tubs on a wholesale basis to a wide range of retailers based in different parts of China. Royal Spa offers several types of hot tubs. Some of these types will be discussed below. Visit this link;, to check out some products by Royal Spa.

Types of hot tubs

Hot tubs come in a wide range of styles. They can be categorized based on their specific features. These categories include;

a. Types of hot tubs based on size

Hot tubs can be categorized based on their dimensions. Below are some types of hot tubs in this category;

  • Small hot tubs- these hot tubs can accommodate between two to four people. Sometimes, they are referred to as two-person to four-person hot tubs. They are the smallest types on the market. They are an excellent choice for small families and people with limited space for installing hot tubs.
  • Medium hot tubs- hot tubs that can accommodate between four to six people can be placed in this category. They are the most common type of hot tubs because of their convenience and the fact that many people can use them. They can be installed at home and in commercial settings like spas.
  • Large hot tubs- hot tubs that can be used by seven or more people simultaneously fall in this category. They are usually more costly than their counterparts mentioned above. For this and other reasons, large hot tubs are common in spas, gyms, hotels, and wellness facilities instead of homes.

b. Types of hot tubs based on the shape

Hot tubs can also be categorized depending on their shape. Below are some of the most common hot tub shapes;

  • Square hot tubs- this is a great size for large hot tubs
  • Circle hot tubs- they are very comfortable
  • Rectangle hot tubs- these are the most common hot tub shape
  • Triangle hot tubs- they are not as common as the ones listed above. However, they are stylish and convenient.

c. Types of hot tubs based on installation

Hot tubs can also be categorized based on their installation method. Here, there are two types of hot tubs;

  • Portable hot tubs- These are the most common types of hot tubs. As the name suggests, portable hot tubs can be moved from one location to another. You can set them on your porch, deck, or backyard. Whenever they are on the way, you can move them. They offer all the benefits of a regular hot tub despite not being built-in. Portable hot tubs are cost-efficient and easy to set up.
  • In-ground hot tubs- they are common in hotels and can be installed besides in-ground pools. They are usually harder to install since you have to get permits and take time doing the construction.


In addition to the types listed above, hot tubs can also be categorized based on their design and brand. Each of the types of hot tubs mentioned above has its benefits and downsides. Therefore, it would help if you considered these elements when choosing the best kind of hot tub to purchase.


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