If you are planning to start a pressure washing business, or are considering buying a pressure washing franchise, you may be wondering how much water you will use. Water is the most important resource when it comes to pressure washing. If you don’t have enough water, then you cannot perform any work.

There are many factors that go into the amount of water your business will use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there is not an exact calculation that can be made to determine how much water pressure your business will use. The only way to really know how much water your business will use is to track your usage over time and see what patterns you can find in your data.

Below are some common factors that influence the amount of water used by a pressure washing business:

  • The size of the property being cleaned
  • The type of cleaning being performed
  • How often the service is performed
  • The size of the crew performing the service
  • The type of equipment being used (gas versus electric)
  • The amount of hose used for each job
  • Temperature – High temperature power washers can require more than twice as much water as cold water pressure washers for the same job.
  • Pressure – Higher pressure machines use less water. A 4,000 PSI machine at 4 GPM is putting out 16,000 cleaning units of power (PSI x GPM). The same machine at 3 GPM is putting out 12,000 cleaning units. So for a given cleaning job, the higher pressure machine will use 25% less water.
  • The Job – Some jobs require very little water (driveway sealing) while other jobs will use more than 10 GPM (parking garage cleaning). The more stubborn the dirt or contaminants you have to clean the more water you will use.

How to Minimize Water Used in Pressure Washing Business

Water is essential for pressure washing, but it can also be an expensive commodity. This is especially true if you provide pressure washing services to commercial or industrial businesses.

The good news is that there are ways to minimize the amount of water your pressure washer uses. These methods can reduce your costs and make your company more environmentally friendly.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Check the weather forecast before you start a job. You may want to wait until the heat of the day has passed. Water droplets will evaporate faster in high temperatures, which means more water will evaporate before it reaches the ground.
  • Use less water by using a lower PSI nozzle setting on your pressure washer. This will make the water stream wider and cover more surface area in less time. Just make sure you’re not using too low of a setting; otherwise, you may have to go over a surface multiple times and use more water than necessary.
  • Use only enough water to get your job done efficiently. If you’re doing a large job, you might need more equipment than one pressure washer can handle alone, so plan accordingly.

You can also converse with the experts at Giraffetools collections and let them get you a high-pressure washer machine. This can minimize the water usage greatly.


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