Various disease outbreaks were also observed along with the immense global development in the 20-21st century. These outbreaks emerged mainly due to improper disposal of toxins and dirty surfaces left hygienically untreated. Every system needs timely maintenance. So, vape pod kits also need to be maintained and cleaned so that they function effectively and give rise to no trouble.

Do all vapes need maintenance?

All vape devices, with the exception of disposable vapes, need maintenance. The coil located in the atomizer of a vape accumulates some dirt when frequently used. Other than that, the tank and battery also need to be cleaned. These devices, which seem so simple and small, require much work to be maintained, or they won’t be helpful in the long run. The cleaning procedure of the device’s parts is briefed below.

Cleaning procedure of the coil

  • First, the coil is to be soaked in a cleaning agent. The cleaning must not be too strong so that it is not damaged.
  • Then, one must rinse the coil thoroughly so the grime comes off. The wick holes must be checked as they are the sites through which the e-fluid is taken up.
  • Before assembling the coil with the device, we must ensure that it is appropriately dried. Otherwise, the vape may not function effectively and cause blockage of the device.

Cleaning procedure of the e-fluid tank

  • The vape tank must be empty, and no e-fluid is to be left in.
  • Then, the tank must be placed in a bowl of warm water and left in for a while.
  • A cleaning agent can be used if you want to be thorough, though it is not necessary.
  • The tank must be thoroughly dried before filling it with vape juice. The drying process is not complicated, and the air should do the job.

Cleaning procedure of the battery

  • The procedure of cleaning the battery is slightly different from that of the tank and coil. We must ensure that no liquid or moisture comes in contact with the battery, as it may cause a short circuit.
  • A small piece of cotton dipped in alcohol is used to clean the areas where the battery comes in contact with the coil and fluid tank.
  • Cleaning the air holes must also be kept in mind. We can use a tiny pointy object such as a pin or a toothpick to clean the air holes. The airflow of the vape does not reduce automatically, so we should keep the air holes in check.
  • The outer surface of the battery can be cleaned by rubbing cotton soaked in alcohol.
  • The cotton must not be excessively soaked because the liquid may enter the battery and cause a short circuit.

Things to keep in mind; precautions

  • The vape’s battery must be kept away from any liquid.
  • Vape pods must not be refilled or cleaned unnecessarily.
  • While dissembling the vape for cleaning purposes, the procedure must be kept in mind, as assembling the vape might not be as easy as it may seem.


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