Every teenager experiences some challenges when growing up, some exhibit weird traits which range from being delusional and immature. The chuunibyou is a slang used by the Japanese to refer to teenagers with juvenile tendencies, which loosely means 2nd-year syndrome.

The film industry has created a movie series around the theme which has been airing on Netflix. The movie is based around teenage romance under romantic comedy, drama and slice of life genre.

Is Chuunibyou a factual condition?

The second-year syndrome, as it’s commonly referred to as an actual condition affecting teenagers. While the teenager’s world experiences these behaviours, they seem not to have a name for them. The self-important teenage fantasies, super special feeling snowflakey and know- it all behaviour is an actual condition that affects the teenagers, some outgrow it, and some the behaviour stays on longer.

However, it’s not a severe mental condition or bipolar disorder; the traits portrayed can confuse people and make one believe otherwise. There shouldn’t be any cause for alarm as the behaviour will slowly disappear. It’s most common in Japan because of the higher tendency for strictness. Japanese society imposes enormous pressure on competitiveness and conforms to the norms even for young children. It takes a toll on them.

Is Chuunibyou a good Anime?

There are several series of movie anime around the chuunibyou airing on Netflix with positive reviews and is on its second season. The first season was themed around brief romance, decent eight-grade syndrome and a slice of life.

Like many other Kyoto Animations, essential products usually start strong with good humour and light-hardheartedness but finish weakly with a more dramatic touch to the end. It has a romantic comedy feel with a dash of action, making it an excellent animation.

The series normalizes the teenager’s behaviour, making them believe that it’s just a phase they are going through. Meaning there shouldn’t be any cause for alarm as it’s a part of growing up and that they will eventually outgrow it. Some people take a long time to outgrow the behaviour, but it’s all a phase, and therefore they should be shunned and made to believe that they are not expected.

Will Chuunibyou have season 3

The brand has had a good run, from the pilot project to season 2; the success story is unbelievable, there is the likelihood that season 2 marked the end as the tale is surprisingly complete. There will not be season 3 to be aired and its dramatic end to the movie series. Sadly, there will be disappointed that there is here for the series lovers, but it’s normal.

The bottom line is that the movie series portrays the behaviour in a fun romantic comedy way. The behavior helps the teenager deal with the condition positively and assurance that they are not alone with the eighth-grade syndrome. All shall be well with time. They need to exercise patience.


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