Given the variety of hair kinds available on the market today, it may sometimes be challenging to choose the perfect hair texture for you. We will discuss the newest preoccupation in this essay, which has also gained popularity among many ladies.

What Is It?

Have you heard of cambodian hair? These are humanely harvested hair from donors in the country. There are three basic variations of this hair type: straight, wavy, and curly. It is utterly stunning and lusciously natural. It is also remarkably light-weight at the same time. Additionally, the relatively gritty texture of Cambodian hair makes it highly resistant to style. It can endure more heat than most other hair kinds as well. Additionally, it has good curl retention, can endure dyes and coloring treatments without significantly degrading the hair’s quality. It also fits very beautifully with the relaxed or straightened hair of African American ladies.

Cambodian Hair Specifications

Healthy Cuticles

Cambodian hair is taken from a donor and has never undergone any processing or chemical treatment. Its inherent alignment in the same direction and generally undamaged cuticles lower the likelihood of mating and tangling.

Pure Color

A more subdued shade of black is the true natural color of Cambodian hair in particular. Sellers refer to this as color 1b or off black. A softer black hue known as color 2 is sometimes available.

Color And Bleach

When it comes to bleaching and dyeing, this specific hair type excels. Although we highly suggest that it should be done by a professional using high quality coloring supplies, Cambodian hair responds to bleaching and/or coloring quite well.

Conditions For Cambodian Hair

The following is a list of maintenance tips for Cambodian hair extensions:

Use shampoo to thoroughly launder.

With heating tools, style it

When you go to bed, wrap your hair in a silk tower or put it up in a low ponytail. Avoid sleeping with damp hair.

Wash your hair right afterwards to get rid of any perspiration and grime after swimming or engaging in outdoor activities. Remember to cover your hair with a swim hat since the chlorine in the pool will rapidly dry out your hair extensions.

Cambodian Hair Classification

The three types of hair that are available are virgin hair, remy hair, and non-remy hair. On the other hand, Cambodian hair factories only produce two types of hair: virgin hair and remy hair, in order to guarantee the best quality for Cambodian hair reviews products.

Cambodian virgin hair: the best human hair that can be found in Cambodia is Cambodian virgin hair. Only one Cambodian donor will provide a hair bundle with this kind of hair. Virgin hair cannot have undergone chemical treatments like dyeing, perming, or bleaching if it is to be imported by Cambodian hair companies. The hair will be free of tangles since the cuticles are aligned in the same way because it comes from a donor. The hair market is making it harder to find this kind of hair, so Cambodian remy hair will be an alternative offered by hair suppliers.

Remy Cambodian hair: remy Cambodian hair is a better alternative than virgin Cambodian hair. Remy hair from Cambodia is a kind of hair that has been collected from numerous donors in Cambodia and oriented with the cuticles still intact. The fact that Cambodian remy hair is a blend of hair from several donors means that when it is bleached and dyed, it may take on a wide range of colors.


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