The oil control paper  is a makeup or cosmetic aid tool. These products are also known as makeup blotting sheets; these products are great for perfecting your makeup on a long and hot day. All you need is to dab a thin makeup blotting sheet over the oily spots on your face and watch it do its magic.

How to dispose of makeup blotting sheets

Since the usage of blotting papers is no longer an issue, it would be wise to get into the disposal of blotting sheets. It is normal to go through a few dozens of blotting sheets per day, depending on how oily your skin is and the season or weather. What happens after you have used the blotting sheets.

1. Toilet disposal

Blotting sheets are often compared to tissues. This is because they are both made from porous materials. Therefore, many people dispose of their blotting paper in the toilet like tissue paper. However, the toilet may not be the best place to dispose of blotting paper. This is particularly the case if the blotting paper is made from synthetic material like plastic.

Such oil-absorbing material cannot be treated equally to toilet paper. Throwing synthetic blotting paper in the toilet could result in sewage system problems. You may not notice the issues immediately. However, the sewage system may develop obstructions and significant issues that will require time and money to fix.

With that said, if you use sustainable blotting sheets or sheets made from biodegradable material, then you can comfortably dispose of them in the toilet. Sewage systems are designed to handle biodegradable materials. Therefore, if your blotting paper is made from bamboo, rice, and hemp, among other sustainable materials, the toilet is the perfect disposal avenue. Therefore, when determining whether you can throw your blotting sheets in the toilet, you should check the package for their raw materials.

2. Trash disposal

The safest way to dispose of oil control paper is in the trash. Most manufacturers will indicate on their product packages the right mode of disposal. However, if your product does not feature these instructions, the safest option is the trash. This way, the disposal experts can sort them out when they collect your trash.

How to determine where to dispose of your makeup blotting sheets

Before determining the safest place to dispose of blotting sheets, consider the following;

  • The instructions on the package, for instance, check if the product is marked as recycled material
  • Check the materials used to manufacture the sheets. If they are made of biodegradable materials, the toilet will do the trick
  • Consider how you used the blotting sheets.


You must understand that improper disposal of makeup blotting sheets can harm the environment. It is also unsanitary. Therefore, if you use your blotting sheets in the office or an area without a trash bin or disposal bin, the wise thing would be to put wrap them in tissue or a ziplock bag and put them back in your bag. This way, you can throw it away in the right place.


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