When purchasing a bathroom shower, did you ever questioned which size you need? Well, probably because not most buyers are aware of whether the size of the shower head matters or not.

According to surveys, almost 50% of people wish to have bigger bathrooms in their homes. A large bathroom completely alters our showering experience. However, for better showering, it’s not only the size of your bathroom that matters but the shower head size also plays a vital role.

The size of the shower head offers us more than our expectations. If you do not consider the shower head’s size, you might buy a shower that doesn’t fit your expectations. So, in this article, we will talk about how the shower head size matters in your showering experience.

How Shower Head Size Matters In Showering Experience?

#1 Relation between Head Size and Water Pressure

The water pressure means a lot in showering. A shower head should have enough pressure to wash the soap and shampoo properly. The pressure above and below your requirement can be irritating.

The water pressure of the shower depends on the head material, size, designs, number, and size of nozzles. Usually, for higher pressure, small heads are better, but a small size doesn’t always guarantee high pressure.

#2 Shower Head Size and Water Conservation

Water conservation is the biggest concern when taking a shower or washing our hands, and this concern is pretty much valid. Have you ever tried some ways to minimize your water usage while showering?

If you haven’t succeeded yet, try changing your shower head size. A small sizes shower head plays a major role in reducing water usage by limiting the body coverage.

#3 Water Coverage

Water coverage is important while showering as the shower head should reach to the areas that is as big as possible. The large-sized shower head has better body coverage than small ones.

However, buying dual head showers or other designs can also increase the body coverage even if they are small in size.

Why Bigger Shower Heads?

Recently, the market has no standard maximum size of shower heads because the advanced shower head styles like rain showers are getting bigger and bigger. These shower heads provide relaxing showering with better area coverage.

However, these showers usually have less water pressure and demand more installation space.

Why Smaller Shower Heads?

Small-sized shower heads can range from 5-8 inches. These heads provide more water pressure but with minimum body coverage, making it difficult to maintain and clean them. Still, if your bathroom is small-spaced or you have a limited budget, pick the small heads.

How To Choose the Best Fit?

If you want to avoid the shower head size argument and hassle, these are some tips that can save your day;

  • If you are okay with your old shower head size, take that with you while shopping to get same or similar size.
  • When doing online shopping where it’s impossible to take your old shower head, check the tread of the shower arm. Measure the inner and outer diameter of the arm, whether parallel or tapered or male or female. These factors are important at the time of fittings.


If you are renovating your old bathroom, try not to change the size of your shower head as it can affect the water pressure and your comfort zone. However, if you are willing to install an advanced shower head like the rain one, adjust the water level in the pipe according to shower requirements.

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