Double pumping is a great way to fit expressing milk into a mom’s busy schedule, whether you’re doing it for a premature baby or to build up a supply of milk. You can get about 18% more milk in half the time if you pump from both breasts at the same time. The milk you get also has more calories. But you can’t do anything else with your free hand when you double pump because you have to hold the two breast shields in place. These are the parts of the pump set that you put on your breasts. A hands-free pumping bra can be very helpful in this situation.

The Wearable Breast Pump

Traditional pumps are often big and need to be plugged in. On the other hand, wearable pumps or hands free breast pumps fit right into your bra. The milk is collected in the device, which is pretty quiet. The pump lets you do a lot of different things. You would not be able to run or do yoga, but you could go for a walk, drive somewhere, run some errands, play with a toddler, or clean up.

Is Hands Free Breast Pump As Good As a Traditional Pump?     

There are different ideas about this. Everyone’s pumping experience is different, and some people may get more milk out of a standard pump (or get it out faster), while others don’t notice the difference between a wearable pump and a standard pump.

It takes a little practice to fit the wearable pump right, but you must figure out what works for you. Most moms prefer a pump they can wear, even if it sometimes takes longer than the traditional pump.

Compared to electric pumps, wearable pumps are quieter, which could be a vital factor depending on where you intend to pump. Some wearable pumps also have advanced features that give them an advantage. You can find hands free breast pumps with a built-in app that lets you track how much milk you make directly on your phone.

Who Can Benefit From a Hands Free Pump?

Even though almost everyone can benefit from it, it is an investment, so not all moms may be willing to spend the money. But some people might be able to understand why it’s worth it. If you are the main caregiver for more than one child, a wearable pump can help you stay mobile so you can take care of both kids.

This could also help you if you are working and the pumping conditions in your office aren’t the best. Some offices have nice places for new moms to pump, but others only have a small room without a window. If you’d rather pump at your desk or on your way to and from work and want to pump, you can do so with a wearable pump. This could be a good choice for people who only pump and want to be able to move around while they do it.

So is a wearable breast pump worth buying? It is really up to you. But, for us, it is very helpful, and every breastfeeding mom should have it.


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