Sometimes people ignore replacing the brake calipers as it is important. This becomes the cause of great damage in their life and enhances the chances to face hazards. It is always encouraged to keep a vigilant eye on the maintenance of your automobile so that you don’t need to face any misery. Brakes are important and hence are most used while driving.

If you are a beginner then you must have different queries regarding the replacement of different systems for your vehicle. The most emerging question is how to replace brake calipers. This question is not a tricky one yet you need to know an entire procedure to learn the answer. To give you a helping hand we have explained a guideline for you in the given article.

How to Replace Brake Calipers?

If we just divide the entire procedure to replace the car brake caliper then it has two steps. First, remove the old one and then install the new caliper hence the procedure is not as easy as it sounds. As if you are thinking to replace the brake caliper on your own to save the professional fee then for your help we have a guideline here:

Step 1: Removing Old One

  • First, raise one side of your vehicle by using the jack stand. The wheel must be high enough so that you can work comfortably under it. If you want extra support then a rock can be used for it and also protect quick moments of the car.
  • Lose the bolts of your wheel and remove them. You can also put it aside as it has nothing to do with the brake replacement.
  • Remove the bolts that connect the old caliper to the rotor. After that detach the old caliper from the pads.
  • The caliper bracket is attached with pads along with the brake fluid hose. Pull the pad away from the rotor yet remain connected with the hose to cover leakage.

Step 2: Installing New One

  • After removing the old caliper, clean the hose first to avoid corrosion and then secure it with the new caliper by tightening the bolts.
  • Fix the brackets with the rotor along with the bolts tightening. Apply anti-seizing liquid for security so that bolts won’t come out while driving.
  • Check the pad as the padded side should be closed to the rotor. Slide the pads correctly and then tighten them to attach the new caliper.
  • The position of the new caliper must be between pads as the rotor’s back side is face to the piston.
  • Tighten the bolts and ensure all the moments are correct and according to the instructions.
  • At last bleeding the system by pushing the hydraulic fluid. It will maintain the hydraulic pressure.

Wise Words

The brakes of an automobile are the most used system in the entire vehicle. Due to its maximum usage, it needs more maintenance than others. To protect yourself from any hazard a person is encouraged to work on the brake caliper replacement from time to time. If you want to know the procedure to replace brake calipers then all the details are explained above.


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